PRIDE Requirements and Success Factors
Work Package 2 of Telematics for Libraries project PRIDE (LB 5624)
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2. State of the Art

2.1 Introduction

This section presents a survey of technologies potentially relevant to PRIDE. Two basic goals are pursued:

The main purpose of this survey is to help partners design the architecture of the PRIDE service and select the technologies to use. Wherever applicable, links to and descriptions of various software packages available for use in PRIDE are given. The actual availability of that software, however, may depend on PRIDE's licensing and distribution terms.

Many of the descriptions below are kept rather brief in order to make the reader aware of the technologies and their advantages and disadvantages without overburdening him/her with superfluous details. To obtain more detailed information, references are provided.

This survey is organised as follows. In the 'User Interfaces' section various search systems are presented in terms of their front-ends, and the relations between interfaces and architectures of search systems are described. The next section 'Directory Services' describes the core technology behind PRIDE. This is followed by the 'Search and Retrieve' section, which gives an in-depth view on information retrieval protocols and methods. The 'Harvesting' section explains how distributed bits of information can be gathered and indexed for use in search systems. The 'Meta Information' section surveys various data representation formats able to keep meta-information in forms of tags, mark-up etc. Finally, a number of cryptographic techniques are presented in the 'Security and Payments' section.

1999-01-22 PRIDE Requirements and Success Factors