PRIDE Requirements and Success Factors
Work Package 2 of Telematics for Libraries project PRIDE (LB 5624)
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Executive Summary

PRIDE will enable access via a single point to a global range of information resources in a way that supports a large number of services and functions. It will provide:

These distributed services will be of equal importance to the user and the service provider.

The PRIDE solution brings information via wide area networks to more people by opening up services in a cost effective manner to the whole on-line community, not just to local or physically present subscribers - thus giving people more choice and opportunities in the use of widespread existing resources.

The PRIDE application will act as a broker for the independent user accessing multiple services; it will improve the interface between distributed library services and the wider world of electronic commerce and information supply including digital lifestyle offerings such as tele-shopping, entertainment and training.

PRIDE opens opportunities for libraries and their suppliers to develop high impact, value added services for the information age. Libraries envisage supply of better information more efficiency to European researchers and enterprises. Commercial partners wish to establish strong positions in global markets.

How PRIDE will work

PRIDE will be a directory of User and Service information. The availability of distributed User information (not restricted to the local library automation system or "home" library) will make available a range of services to users regardless of their library service affiliation (membership). These include:

Distributed service information (both service and collection descriptions) will be a major element in building the global library space.

It will make possible effective delivery of services, such as:

PRIDE will enable information services to interoperate with generic and focused services which will be developed for the home, the office and the public place by major corporations, using PRIDE will provide distributed User and Service / Collection information which can be integrated with the broader offerings in the wider digital services marketplace.

The three parts of this document outline:-

Scope Statement

This document provides the first deliverable of the European Union 4th Frame work Telematics Project, which commenced in June 1998 and is of two years duration.

1999-01-22 PRIDE Requirements and Success Factors