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eBank project team

Imperative to re-use research data

“The next generation of research breakthroughs will rely upon new ways of handling the immense amounts of data that are being produced by modern research methods and equipment, such as telescopes, particle accelerators, genome sequencers and biological imagers….Similar developments are having an impact in the arts and humanities, and in the social sciences.”

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Current chemistry publishing protocols

Calls for new modes of curation for digital data

eBank motivation

eBank focus on crystallography

CombeChem: an eScience project

Emerging infrastructure to support curation of digital data

Improving access to research publications

Supporting technology: Open Archives Initiative

Architecture of the OAI PMH

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eBank in a nutshell

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First steps: establishing common ground…

Crystallographic data workflow

Crystallographic data workflow

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Metadata approach

Extended Dublin Core schema

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Structure reports link back to the underlying data…

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Ebank aggregator: browse

And finally…
eBank search embedded in a science portal

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Challenges for the future

Progress update

Plans for eBank Phase 2

Plans for eBank Phase 2…….(contd.)

eBank (potential) links with eLearning

In conclusion

The end…