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"What problem are we solving"

Proliferation of metadata

Proliferation of standards

Implementor perspective

Proliferation of localised extensions

"Way forward…."

Exchange data about new terms

Aims of application profiles

Profiling is not new…

What does an application profile express?

Examples of application profiles

RSLP Collection Level Description

The European Library (TEL) application profile

Virtual Teacher Centre

Format of DCAPs

CEN Workshop Agreement 14855
26 September 2003

With acknowledgement to Tom Baker….

DC Application Profiles

DCAPs “by definition”

Attributes of Term Usages

Principle of Appropriate Identification

Identifying terms

Principle of Readability

Readability of Term Usages

Controlled vocabulary terms

Using Encoding Schemes

Using Element Refinements

Term URIs


RDN OAI Application Profile - header

RDN OAI Application Profile – term usage

Further reading


Case studies….


More terminology