A review of metadata: a survey of current resource description formats
Work Package 3 of Telematics for Research project DESIRE (RE 1004)

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DESIRE - RE 1004

A review of metadata: a survey of current resource description formats


DESIRE: Project Deliverable

Project Number:

RE 1004 (RE)

Project Title:

DESIRE - Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education

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D3.2 (1)

Deliverable Title:

Specification for resource description methods Part 1: A review of metadata: a survey of current resource description formats

Version Number

1.0 - March 1997

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Principal Authors:


Lorcan Dempsey and Rachel Heery


UKOLN: The UK Office for Library and Information Networking, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK.


<l.dempsey@ukoln.ac.uk> <r.m.heery@ukoln.ac.uk>


+44 (0)1225 826580


+44 (0)1225 826838

Other Authors:

Martin Hamilton, Debra Hiom, Jon Knight, Traugott Koch, Marianne Peereboom and Andy Powell

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This study provides background information to the DESIRE project to enable the implications of using particular metadata formats to be assessed. Part I is a brief introductory review of issues including consideration of the environment of use and the characteristics of metadata formats. A braod typology of metadata is introduced to provide a framework for analysis. Part II consists of an outline of resource description formats in directory style. This includes generic formats, but also, to give an indication of the range of development, domain-specific formats. The focus is on metadata for 'information resources' broadly understood rather than on the variety of other approaches which exist within particular scientific, engineering and other areas.


Metadata; BibTex; CIMI; Dublin Core; EAD; EEVL; EELS; FGDC; GILS; IAFA; Whois++; ICPSR; LDAP; MARC; USMARC; UKMARC; UNIMARC; PICA+; SOIF; TEI;URC; Warwick Framework



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