The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery
Work Package 3 of Telematics for Research project DESIRE (RE 1004)
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Appendix 1: E-mail Questionnaire sent to Internet Services using UDC

Responses were received from:

SOSIG: Emma Worsfold/Debra Hiom

NISS: Oren Stone

BUBL: Dennis Nicholson

OMNI: Sue Welsh

The questionnaire:

Dear ,

We would like to include your service in a review being carried out by the

EU-funded DESIRE Project, and would be very grateful if you could

answer a few questions for us.

DESIRE is surveying the use of classification schemes in Internet Information

Services, and I am aware that you are currently using the UDC (Universal

Decimal Classification). Please could you answer the following questions

and return them to me? Many require only a yes/no answer so I hope it will

not take up too much of your time. Many thanks!

1 ) Have you had to pay for the right to use the scheme, or to 'publish' it

in displays?

2) Do you have a version of your classification scheme in electronic form?

(Either a complete version , or an abridged version - are you able to give a URL?)

3) Have ever made use of the fact that the scheme is available in different languages?

4) Does your service integrate the classification scheme with other systems

such as a thesaurus or controlled subject headings?

5) At what level of detail do you classify?

6) What do you consider to be the strengths of the scheme in relation to

its use in your service? (i.e. Why did you chose this scheme as opposed to others?)

7) What do you consider to be the weaknesses of the scheme in relation to

its use in your service?

8) Have you found any strengths/weaknesses of the scheme in particular

subject areas? (i.e. is it better for some subject areas than for others?)

9) Are there any other points you would like to make about your use of a classification scheme?

Many thanks for your time.

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