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Proposed Term : DCCDAccrualPolicy

Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group
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This is a DCMI Working Draft.
Description of Document: This document presents a proposal from the Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group for a new encoding scheme, DCCDAccrualPolicy.


Name DCCDAccrualPolicy
Label DCCD Accrual Policy
Definition Policies governing the addition of items to a collection.


A policy that items are no longer added to the collection.


A policy that items are added to the collection only in response to the initiative of an external agent.


A policy that items are actively sought for addition to the collection.


A policy that items are actively sought for addition to a specific part of the collection.

Type of term Vocabulary Encoding Scheme
Term qualified

(Proposed element) accrualPolicy See http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/collection-accrualPolicy/

Why needed

This encoding scheme allows the unambiguous specification of values for the proposed element accrualPolicy, which in turn supports precise searching.

Working Group support

See the mailing list archives of the WG, especially Jul 2004.

Proposed status Registered
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Related non-DCMI terms

(Proposed element) accrualPolicy
See http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/collection-accrualPolicy/

About the proposers

The term is proposed by the Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group. One of the primary aims of the WG is the development of a Dublin Core Application Profile (DCAP) for collection-level description, i.e. for the description of a collection as a resource, rather than the description of the individual items that make up that collection.

Records of the activity of the WG are available in the mailing list archives.

The current draft of the Collection Description Application Profile is available at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/collection-application-profile/

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