Collection Level Description

A review of existing practice

An eLib supporting study

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EditorAndy Powell, UKOLN, University of Bath
Other authorsRob Bull (CrossNet Ltd), Martin Fisk (Aurora Information Technology), Martin Hamilton (Loughborough University), Brian Kelly (UKOLN), Ray Lester (Natural History Museum), Ann Matheson (National Library of Scotland), Patricia Methven (King's College London), Jim Murray (National Library of Scotland), Dennis Nicholoson (Strathclyde University), Rosemary Russell (UKOLN)
KeywordsLibrary; EAD; Encoded Archival Description; Archives; ISAD(G); General International Standard Archival Description; Dublin Core; Conspectus; Museums; WHOIS++; ROADS; Collection Level Description; Z39.50 Explain; LDAP; X.500; Centroids; Z39.50 Profile for Access to Digital Collections; GILS; Internet; Web; WWW; Collection Description; WASRV; Service Description; ISO 2146; Web Collections;
Abstract This study reviews existing practice for collection level description, as it exists in the library, archival, museum and Internet communities. It begins by providing a discussion on what the term 'collection' means, firstly from the perspective of libraries, museums and archives and then taking a look at the more recent meaning of the term as it is used on the World Wide Web. Finally, a detailed look is taken at some of the existing schemes that are used for collection and service description.

This study was written over a fairly long period of time (1998/99), using contributions from a number of different authors. It was initially published on the Web in August 1999. It is therefore worth noting that some of the references in this study to events that will happen in the future may now have taken place.

DateAugust 1999