Title             : The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive
Title             : WOMDA
Subject           : First World War; WWI; Wilfred Owen
Description       : The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive contains a
                    host of material relating to the First World War
                    poet Wilfred Owen, in particular, and a large amount of
                    related background material on the War in general . It
                    is not the intention of the authors of this site to
                    canonize Owen above the other poets of the First World
                    War, rather the contents of the archive are a reflection
                    of the proximity of material and advice on Owen
                    available to the authors.  The archive contains digital
                    facsimilies of Owen's original manuscripts, audio
                    interviews with veterans, letters written by Owen,
                    contemorary video clips, contemporary photographs
                    and modern video and photographs.
Owner             : Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford University Computing
Publisher         : University of Oxford
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Language          : en-uk
Source            : Imperial War Museum
Source            : Wilfred Owen Estate
Source            : Harry Ransom Research Centre, University of Texas at Austin
Source            : British Library
Source            : Public Records Office
Coverage          : 1914-1918
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Type              : Collection.Image
Type              : Collection.Sound
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