Title             : Voices from the Dust Bowl: The Charles L. Todd and Robert
                    Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection
Subject           : migrant work camps; california; folk song; folk culture;
                    US; united states; america
Description       : The collection consists of approximately 18 hours of
                    audio recordings (436 titles on 122 recording discs),
                    28 graphic images (prints and negatives), and 1.5 linear
                    feet of print materials including administrative
                    correspondence, field notes, recording logs, song text
                    transcriptions, dust jackets from the recording discs
                    with handwritten notes, news clippings, publications,
                    and ephemera. The online presentation provides access to
                    371 audio titles, 23 graphic images, a sampling
                    of the dust jackets, and all the print material in the
                    collection. Covering a period between 1940 and 1941, this
                    collection documents the lives of Dust Bowl migrants
                    living in Farm Security Administration (FSA) camps in
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Coverage          : California, USA, 1940-1941
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