Title             : The Pitman Collection
Subject           : shorthand; phonetic alphabets; Initial Teaching Alphabet;
                    ITA; Pitman family;
Description       : A collection of printed, manuscript, and audiovisual
                    material and artefacts collected by Sir Isaac Pitman
                    and his grandson, Sir James Pitman.  The collection has
                    been added to by the Pitman Company.  It includes over
                    7300 catalogued monographs and serials on the history of
                    shorthand plus a small number of uncatalogued manuscripts
                    in shorthand.  The collection also includes 75 feet of
                    material on the Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA), 50%
                    monographs, the rest artefacts, offprints, correspondence,
                    etc. - all unsorted - plus 18 filing cabinets of archival
Owner             : University of Bath Library
Publisher         : University of Bath
Date              : 
Language          : en-uk
Source            : Pitman family
Source            : Pitman Company
Source            : Library of the Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation
Coverage          : Predominantly UK - 19th and 20th century.
Relation          : HasPart Initial Teaching Alphabet Collection
Relation          : IsCataloguedBy http://www.bath.ac.uk/Library/webcat/
Type              : Collection.Library.Special
Notes             : Transferred to the University of Bath in 1970.
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Rights            : (c) University of Bath
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         Location : Library and Learning Centre
                    University of Bath
                    BA2 7AY
            Admin : Keith Jones - k.e.jones@bath.ac.uk
     AccessPolicy : By arrangement with the University of Bath Library.
   ChargingPolicy : Free

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