Title             : Follett Lecture Series
Subject           : electronic library; digital library; information technology
Description       : This series of lectures developed from an idea put
                    forward by members of the JISC's Follett Implementation
                    Group on Information Technology, with the aim of
                    raising awareness of international developments and
                    issues relating to the electronic library, and stimulating
                    further discussion. Beginning in May 1994 with a paper
                    given at the University of Aston by Clifford Lynch, then
                    of the University of California, the final lecture took
                    place at the University of Leicester in March 1997 with a
                    presentation by Peter Graham of Rutgers University
                    Library. The series featured 11 speakers giving a
                    total of 13 lectures. Venues ranged across the United
                    Kingdom, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, Derry City,
                    Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Leicester. 
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Coverage          : United Kingdom, 1994-1997
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