Title             : Digimap
Subject           : Ordnance Survey; OS; maps; digital map data
Description       : DIGIMAP is exploring ways of delivering Ordnance Survey 
                    map data to Institutes of Higher Education in the
                    United Kingdom. Based in the Data Library at the
                    University of Edinburgh, the project involves researchers
                    and service developers as well as map library
                    and library staff from six UK academic insititutions.
Owner             : Data Library, University of Edinburgh
Publisher         : University of Edinburgh
Date              : 
Language          : 
Source            : Ordnance Survey
Coverage          : 
Type              : Collection.Dataset
Type              : Collection.Image
Notes             : 
Purpose           : 
Rights            : http://digimap.ed.ac.uk:8081/service/copyright.html
UseConstraints    : http://digimap.ed.ac.uk:8081/service/copyright.html
Logo              : http://digimap.ed.ac.uk:8081/ui-graphics/digi_logo_3.jpeg
Access            :
       Identifier : http://digimap.ed.ac.uk:8081/
      AccessTimes : Any
         Location : 
            Admin : P.Burnhill@ed.ac.uk
     AccessPolicy : Access limited to staff and students at:
                    University of Aberdeen Queen Mother Library
                    University of Edinburgh Main Library 
                    University of Glasgow Library
                    University of Newcastle Robertson Library 
                    University of Oxford Bodleian Library Map Library
                    University of Reading Department of Geography Map Library 
                    Registration is required.
   ChargingPolicy : Free (to those groups listed in AccessPolicy)

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