Z39.50: current implementations

Thursday 5 September at Libtech 96, University of Hertfordshire

An event organised by UKOLN and UK-ZIG

Provisional programme

Morning session

Chair: Nigel Soane, University of Wales, Bangor

Vendor and public domain implementations

Afternoon session

14.00-16.30 Interoperability demonstrations

In the second part of the day, the following organisations will be demonstrating the interoperation of Z39.50 products:

Crossnet Systems; Fretwell-Downing; Index Data; Sirsi; SLS; University of Wales, Bangor (INNOPAC); UKOLN/King's College, London (Isite).

Demonstrations will continue throughout the afternoon simultaneously, so that people can drop in and see a range of systems interoperating. Features highlighted in the morning talks can be seen in action, with the benefit of hands-on participation.

There is NO CHARGE for the event (although advance registration is required to guarantee admission)

Further information about Libtech 96

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