Writing Effective Scenarios and Use Cases (repeat)

Thursday 13 July 2006
Edinburgh Training Centre, Edinburgh

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Strategies for gathering requirements?

10.00 Presentation Introduction – Scenarios, Use cases, Requirements. What are they, Why use them, how are they used?
10.15 Presentation Experiences with Scenarios, Use Cases: Digital Rights Management and Learning Activity Design. What has worked and what hasn’t, Why.

Creating a Scenario

10.45 Presentation Scenarios – Guidelines on creating scenarios


11.15 Individual work Create a scenario
11.30 Group discussion Discussion – Scope of scenarios, how many is enough?

Creating a Use Case

12.00 Presentation How to create a use case. How do scenarios fit in use cases
12.20 Group work Create Success scenarios


14.00 Pair work Develop a full Use Case including extensions

Using a Use Case – gathering requirements

14.30 Presentation A Worked Example
14.45 Pair work Try analysing one you prepared earlier




15.30 Presentation Anticipate problems, maintain flexibility, focus on outcomes
15.45 Group discussion What next?
16.30 Close  

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