Time To Stop Doing and Start Thinking:
A Framework For Exploiting Web 2.0 Services

What We’re Familiar With

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The Challenges

Take-up Of  New Technologies

The Backlash Is Predictable

What Do We Mean By ‘Risk’?

Hitchhiker’s Guide

From ‘Curator Coelacanth’ to ‘Curator Sapiens’

Beware The IT Fundamentalists

The Librarian Fundamentalists

Let’s Be Realistic

Let’s Be Realistic

Let’s Be Realistic

Accessibility Concerns

The Council Firewall

Sustainability Concerns

Interoperability Issues

Support Issues

Measuring & Maximising Impact

Deployment Strategies

Deployment Strategies

Risk Management

IWMW 2006 & Risk Management

The Risks Within The Sector

Are We Repeating Our Mistakes

Headlines For 2010?

Critical Friends

Let The Public Know

Towards a Framework

Using The Framework

Use The Framework Yourself