Other CD Focus Papers


Collection level descriptions as a tool for managing digital collections
Ann Chapman
, vol.20 no.3, April 2003, pp.19-21
Collection-level description: friend or foe? An overview of the uses of collection-level description in libraries and related institutions
Bridget Robinson and Pete Johnston
Alexandria, vol.15 no.1, 2003, pp.7-21


Collections et services: construire un environnement informationnel pour l’Europe
(Collections and services: building an Information Environment for Europe)
Pete Johnston and David Dawson (Re:source) - November/December 2002
Culture et Recherche No 93 (Nov/Dec 2002)
PDF: <>

Collective consciousness: surveying the information landscape
Pete Johnston - July 2002
ARC: The magazine of the Society of Archivists 155 (July 2002)

An introduction to Collection-Level Description
Pete Johnston, with contributions from NOF and Resource - March 2002
A NOF-Digitise Technical Advisory Service Information Paper
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Collective convergence: the work of the Collection Description Focus
Bridget Robinson & Pete Johnston - September 2001
Ariadne 29
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